It's not just about having a 'pretty website' that gives your company and products an online presence. With over 71% of purchasing decisions made online* it's not just important to engage with your visitors - it's crucial! They need to notice you with great design and attractive, interactive content. They need to interact with you using words, images and video. They need to be convinced to act - buy online or contact you to find out more. And you need to be in control of your website updating with the latest information quickly, easily from anywhere. That's why you need Insight. We are a web design agency in Bracknell, who know how to attract, engage and convince your visitors that your company is the right solution.

Our design makes your website visitors STOP, LOOK and ACT

altYou want your company, services and products to look exciting, interesting and attractive. Our design approach uses the creative design combined with the latest web techniques to project your image and messages and make it interesting for visitors to interact with your site. Everything is controlled so that the site looks great but the messages are still king!

View some examples of sites we've produced or better still contact us to find out how we can make your online design an active experience to attract customers to choose your company.

We make your website visitors stay longer-that’s an Insight guarantee!

altVisitors to your site need to be drawn to investigate, to visit different pages, to view videos, to download information - to engage with your company. Our web techniques ensure that websites have a plethora of exciting activities pushing information to your visitors and enticing them to read more and drill down. We can do this because Insight has been providing marketing services for over 20 years and pioneered web approaches that enthrall and excite your visitors

View some examples of sites that use these web techniques or better still contact us to find out how we can create a selling online experience to ensure customers stay longer.

You'll stand out online - head and shoulders above your competitors

With and Insight designed and developed website your company will be elevated above your competitors. Project a professional image that sets you aside, but just as importantly retains your company charactalter - friendly or serious amusing or dry, it's crucial that with over 70% of buying decisions made on line, your visitors see the 'real you'. We do this because "Our Work - Works, for YOU!"

View some examples of sites that project our clients personalities or better still contact us to find out how we can extend your character to your website to make sure your visitors see THE REAL YOU.


Creative Website Designs Tailored For Online

altWe've been providing creative design for over 20 years and we know what works online and what doesn't. We know because we've we've also been designing websites for over a decade. Web design has changed and evolved and we've always been at the front of the design envelope.

Web design is crucial to the success of your web site and we don't take our responsibility lightly. Every detail, every colour, every nuance, works seamlessly online to your advantage. You take advantage of our experience for a tailored solution.

View some examples of sites with designs tailored to our clients, or better still contact us to find out how we can use our creative online design for your business.

Content Managed Websites - Putting You In Full Control (CMS)

altYou know your business better than anyone - when it changes, when announcements will be made, when you need to let people know about new products and services. So we put you in full control of your online presence with website Content Management Systems (CMS).

Using a standard browser on your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets you can immediately change any aspect of your website either immediately or set ready to go live when you want. It's your business and your online presence so we put you firmly in control.

Watch some videos on how simple CMS can be to manage your site or better still contact us to find out how you can implement a CMS for your website for your products. Talk to Insight Group for Content Management Systems, Bracknell.

Selling Online - As Easy As 1, 2, 3 With eCommerce Control

altWhen you have products and services that you can sell online our eCommerce systems let you manage every aspect of the sale.

We know selling online is no different to B2B selling or on the high street. So we make all those sales options available to you - promotions, discounts vouchers, delivery and postage management, basically everything you would expect.

View some examples of eCommerce sites or better still contact us to find out how we can create a selling online experience for your products.