Mark & Maureen Robson are specialist marketers with over two decades running the agency and guiding the team.


MARK ROBSON Co-Founder and Partner

Mark is that rare beast - a marketing man who understands sales. His knowledge and experience cut through to the core to see and act to get maximum results for clients.

  • Phone: +44 845 643 6181
MAUREEN ROBSON Co-Founder and Partner

The ultimate professional. Maureen is highly motivated, perceptive, and has a passion for increasing both our clients profiles and reputations.

  • Phone: +44 845 643 6182

Susan and Virginia have amazingly broad experience ensuring they can manage any aspect of marketing communications.

SUSAN CHILDREN Account Director

Susan has broad marketing experience having worked in all areas of marketing communications. Working with Insight and other companies, Susan has worked worldwide and brings creativity, experience and humour to client campaigns. With her rounded experience Susan is capable of seeing the big picture.

  • Phone+: +44 (0) 843 289 3060
THE SUPPORT TEAM Not everyone wants their photo on the website!

Behind our key contacts is a team that works hard to deliver creative, interactive and responsive campaigns for you, You'll get to talk to different members as campaigns for you get underway. In the meantime you can look up other Insight team members on LinkedIn

  • Phone+: +44 (0) 843 289 3060