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Guide on using Social Media to increase your website's Google rankings

A Guide to using social media for Google SEO  PDF Read

Nearly 18% of B2B visitors come from social media organic search results says WebMarketing123. Organic results that are managed in the main by Google.

But not all social media channels have the same influence between B2C & B2B. Our guide on using Social Media to boost SEO will point you in the right direction.

Read our guide then if you really want to use social media for SEO drop us an email, we know how to harness social media power for yoru website's rankings.

Top 10 Website Fixes to Increase Sales Leads

Top 10 Website Fixes to Increase Sales Leads  PDF Read

Too many websites are created and left to 'work' - and they stop working. No updating, rankings slip and more importantly no new visitors come by as there's nothing new to attract them. This leads to a drop in sales lead opportunities and of course a drop in sales. Our handy report gives you some quick tips on revitalising your site to breathe life into your old website to get those valuable sales leads.

Read our guide then if you really want to get your website delivering sales leads drop us an email, we can help restore your website to glorious health.

Mark is that rare beast - a marketing man who knows what makes sales people tick and the value of real leads from marketing activity. He is nevertheless a great strategic thinker and always on top of new stuff - check out his Social Media guides for example. If you need good advice and great execution Mark is your man.
Jeff Barnes, Vice President, Europe, e2 communications