• Define Audiences: Search-based profiling quickly gives you the right target audiences for your marketing automation campaigns.

  • Build Campaigns: Quickly storyboard, test and execute marketing automation campaigns in the intuitive drag-and-drop campaign interface.

  • Lead Nurturing DemandCenter makes managing campaigns simple. Track prospect activities and view real-time statistics every step of the way.

  • Analyse Performance eTrigue gives you the tools to easily measure and analyse the effectiveness of marketing automation campaigns and track your progress.


Audience Creator


Profile, segment and report with powerful search-based speed and efficiency

Managing information is vital to understanding your company's prospects, leads and customers. eTrigue's powerful search-based interface provides easy access to demographic and marketing activity segmented on virtually any criteria and period of time. DemandCenter's search-based marketing automation database management architecture enables you to expand the level of relevant audience personalisation, message and campaign effectiveness, and metric reporting to create almost anything you can imagine.


The needs of your marketing programs will change over time. eTrigue gives you the power to create new programs without the need for additional resources, complex programming, or professional services.

DemandCenter marketing automation database management enables you to quickly define target audiences, launch campaigns, trigger real-time lead alerts or report on any aspect of your engagement with current and potential customers. With eTrigue, you can be sure that your CRM system is only sent leads important to you based on your criteria.

  • Improve data cleanliness with automatic de-duplication and advanced search features that help cope with imperfect data
  • Import and export easily without worrying about creating duplicate records or overwriting important contact history
  • Sort, profile and segment your marketing database with advanced search features

Unmatched marketing automation database management database speed and search

Whether you're developing detailed customer profiles, tracking who attended a certain webinar, or launching a new email campaign, eTrigue allows you to target a large market without losing site of the details. eTrigue's scalable architecture gives you the power to manage hundreds of thousands of prospects blazingly fast without being overwhelmed and losing site of what's important – targeting the right prospects at the right time to maximise sales. eTrigue search is so fast, you can create a multi-level search of 300,000 records within 10 seconds vs. other solutions that take over an hour to show only 10,000. eTrigue's speed means you can launch more campaigns, generate more results and demonstrate a much higher marketing ROI.

Data Normalisation – Success in an imperfect world

Dealing with imperfect data is a fact of life. Old data, bad form-fills and inconsistent data from list sources or company departments all contribute to inconsistencies that could cause you to miss important customers or report program metrics incorrectly. DemandCenter marketing automation database management allows you to search each field in detail to make sure common problems like variations in title and abbreviations, common misspellings and missing data don't let you miss valuable prospects or result in inaccurate reports. You can then easily choose to update all records either on-the-fly, or ongoing with the value you would like to be standard for that field – even in custom fields.

eTrigue's search-based marketing database gives you an unparalleled view of your prospects by consolidating all customer data and interactions with your company in a single location. Develop deep prospect and customer profiles to determine common traits to ensure you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Drag-and-Drop Campaign Builder

PPC to dominate Google

Launch multi-step campaigns or ad-hoc email programs in minutes

Powerful marketing automation email campaigns are one of the most cost effective ways to engage prospects. And they are easy to build and manage with the intuitive drag-and-drop campaign manager. eTrigue's integrated email engine gives you the power to easily target and reach audiences large or small with tailored campaigns designed to generate attention, create more leads and close more sales.


Whether you're sending a quick message to existing customers on-the-fly or building multi-step campaigns designed to nurture prospects, eTrigue makes the development, proofing, and scheduling process convenient and trouble free. Utilising proprietary deliverability technologies we maximise email delivery and let you know when it's been opened.

  • Build text or HTML emails for delivery on-the-fly or pre-schedule for future delivery
  • Define multi-step email campaigns with the drag-and-drop campaign builder, based on prospect activity or information requests or changes in relationship status
  • Track individual page visits by prospects to content and email opens so you'll know which offers and messages are getting prospect attention
  • Automated CAN-SPAM inspection and opt-out quarantine assures compliance, even when new contacts are added to your database

Real-time reporting on individual message effectiveness

eTrigue enables you to view real-time message effectiveness reports as your programs are being deployed. You will be able to quickly see opens, unique visits, total visits, average views, opt-outs, as well as the number of newly tracked prospects vs. previous visitors. Each category of responsiveness also provides a link to review the group of prospects that meet that criteria – saving you time when scheduling follow-on programs or exporting data.

eTrigue is all inclusive – No surprises, add-ons, or upcharges

eTrigue allows you to run Intelligent Demand Generation programs effectively without worrying about unexpected overages or surcharges. eTrigue flat-rate pricing doesn't limit how many emails you send, web visits or landing page views, or the number of company sales or marketing user accounts you need – No surprises!

Lead Nurturing & Automated Marketing

Social Media audience reach

Create ongoing campaigns to warm prospects into viable, sales-ready leads

Generating sales-ready leads in a complex sale takes patience, persistence and precision. The development of a prospect from initial engagement to a decision may vary greatly depending on the length and maturity of the sales cycle. Lead nurturing is an effective strategy to maintain momentum in the sales process. eTrigue makes it easy to grow your relationship with potential customers by automating the nurturing process to assure you maintain effective and timely contact with them based on who they are and their activity.


  • Align marketing campaigns with prospect need and readiness
  • Assure timely interaction with automated campaigns
  • Run several vertical programs or build detailed multi-step campaigns
  • Trigger delivery of targeted information based on prospect behaviours

Build interest over time

While the vast majority of new prospects who engage with your organisation through your web site aren't likely ready to talk with your sales team, well-timed and targeted communication is critical. From initial awareness through the due diligence process, the metered delivery of educational material through lead nurturing helps your organisation build a relationship and become part of each customer's decision-making process. With eTrigue you can easily build campaigns that automatically nurture your prospects so you can take every opportunity to positively impact their decision-making process.

Customer retention and brand loyalty

In today's highly competitive environments, maintaining strong customer relationships is more important than ever. Regular communication after the sale keeps your company top of mind and provides the opportunity to continually reinforce your company's value. eTrigue's prospect nurturing capabilities allow you to structure campaigns tailored to each stage of your relationship to influence future decisions and build a long-term partnership.

Success Analyser with Comprehensive
Reporting & Marketing Dashboards

email marketing that get results

Measure program, content, and individual message effectiveness

Measuring program and message effectiveness is key to accurate and actionable recommendations about where you should be investing your marketing dollars. eTrigue gives you the tools to easily analyse and quantify your marketing programs to demonstrate individual campaign and message effectiveness. With detailed search capability, you can easily identify which programs have delivered prospects to sales, and review every step of the prospects digital biography to truly understand why. Pre-configured and customisable dashboards show which lead sources, companies, campaigns, messages, and geographies are generating the most interest.


  • Track results and refine messaging based on measurable outcomes
  • Extend analysis to using familiar tools with eTrigue for AppExchange
  • Schedule automatic marketing effectiveness reports via email to anyone
  • Demonstrate the most profitable allocation of marketing funds
  • Summarise progress at-a-glance with detailed dashboards

Measure, report and analyse campaigns automatically

Measure individual message and cross-campaign effectiveness on-the-fly, or schedule automated reports to go to anyone on your team. You will be able to quickly take action and confidently adjust your marketing efforts knowing you have the most up-to-date reporting.

eTrigue SalesPro and DemandCenter give you the power to analyse and quantify your programs, drill down to individual tactics, and quickly generate comprehensive reporting. Pre-configured and customisable dashboards show which lead sources, companies, campaigns, messages, and geo's are generating the most interest.

  • Launch and automatically measure individual message and cross-campaign effectiveness
  • Take immediate action and confidently adjust your marketing efforts
  • Drill down to individual tactics and quickly generate comprehensive reporting
  • User-friendly data and dynamic charts help create engaging presentations faster

Measure results from real-world marketing activities

Savvy marketers no longer take results for granted. Appreciating a successful marketing campaign comes with truly understanding your success. To maximise ROI—test, test, and test again. eTrigue's granular tracking capability records and stores every interaction a prospect has with your company. Quickly launch and measure based on demographic or activity background. Segment and profile prospects to get the most out of each campaign. And take the guesswork out of your marketing programs.

Marketers today need to move from cost-centre status to a valued part of a company's revenue process. eTrigue's marketing analytics can provide all the reports necessary to demonstrate marketings impact on pipeline and revenue.

eTrigue DemandCentre-Features and Pricing

Web Analytics Reporting

eTrigue is the only provider of real-time Sales Acceleration and Marketing Automation solutions empowering both sales and marketing teams to generate qualified leads and to close sales faster.

eTrigue DemandCenter accounts include: All product features & full functionality, live support, unlimited: users, landing pages, forms and emails.

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Emails per month Unlimited
Landing pages Unlimited
Visitors Unlimited
Campaigns/Workflows Unlimited
Sales, Marketing, and Administrator Users Unlimited
"Live" Web Activity Tracking Yes
Anonymous Visitor Tracking Yes
Campaign & Form Fill Alerts Yes
Real Time Lead Alerts Yes
1:1 Targeted Email Marketing Yes
Lead Nurturing Campaigns with Scheduling Yes
Batch Email Marketing & Newsletters Yes
Detailed Individual Prospect Activity Tracking Yes
3-D Lead Scoring & Custom Scoring Yes
Fast Search-Based Prospect Segmentation Yes
Smart List Management & Segmentation Yes
100+ Email Templates with Personalisation Yes
WYSIWYG HTML Email Editor Yes
Cross-Campaign Reporting & Analytics Yes
Individual Message Effectiveness Reporting Yes
Data Normalisation & Auto De-duplication Yes
Salesforce CRM Integration & Campaign Synch Yes
Microsoft CRM Integration Yes
Complete API Access for Custom Integrations to your applications Yes
Smart Forms with Automatic Validation Yes
Dynamic Progressive Forms Yes
Landing Page Builder Yes
100+ Landing Page Templates Yes
Local Live Support Teams included without charge Yes
Loading and De-duplication of Customer Database Yes
Custom Built Success Templates: Email Yes
Custom Built Success Templates: Standard Landing Page Yes
Custom Built Success Templates: Landing Page with Form Yes
Website eTrigue Activation Yes
Extended Integration Yes
Implementation from Start to First Email Campaign with Training 5 Days
Quick Start Yes
Best Practices 1:1 Consulting Yes
Ongoing Phone and Email Support Standard
Online Training Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Yes
Dedicated IP Address Annual Fee
Please call

DemandCenter is an annual license based on a monthly fee calculated on the database size being used as shown below

Database Size Estimated Monthly Price
1,000 £450/mth.
2,500 £550/mth.
5,000 £650/mth.
30,000 £700/mth.
60,000 £900/mth.
90,000 £1,100/mth.
100,000 £1,200/mth.
125,000 £1,300/mth.
150,000 £1,500/mth.
175,000 £1,600/mth.
200,000 £1,800/mth.
225,000 £2,000/mth.
250,000 £2,200/mth.
275,000 £2,300/mth.
300,000 £2,500/mth.
400,000 £3,200/mth.
500,000 £3,800/mth.
600,000 £4,350/mth.
700,000 £4,700/mth.
800,000 £5,300/mth.
900,000 £5,600/mth.
1,000,000 £6,000/mth.

All trademarks and copyrights are recognised and remain the property of their respective owners. eTrigue and DemandCenter are registered trademarks of eTrigue Corporation

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