Does Social Media affect Google searches?

Since Google bought YouTube in 2006 and launched Google+, their own social media channel, in 2011, SEO analysts and statisticians have continually tried to prove that social media effects search results. Now the facts are out there.

Fact: Your Social Media Profiles are key to your site's ranking in Google

Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, who in his book ‘The New Digital Age’ published in February 2013 confirmed that ‘information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher’. So simply said Google acts on social media profiles linked to your website - can’t be any clearer than that.

How Your Online Profile Boosts Your SEO Ranking

Put social media to work to boost your website rankings with our handy guide "How your online profile boosts your SEO ranking":

See the contents of the guide below:

01 Don't forget your visitors

01 Back to Basics - Don’t forget your visitors

altSorry - we start with something basic! But this is so important we can't ignore it. Before focusing on Social Media don’t forget the stable basic of creating a well-organised website. One that’s been built based on solid SEO research effort to identify genuine human interest niches. Designed to deliver the right messages to people searching for your products and services. If, and only if, that's right then social media will help.

02 Which social media channels?

02 Research. Research. Research. Which social media channels?

altResearch your customer base to find out which social media channels they use.

It’s pointless creating a really strong and interesting facebook identity if none of your customers use facebook to research and buy in your sector.

03 Site Wide Links

03 Site Wide Links! Social on every page

altFully integrate social media across your website so that your visitors can act based on what they are reading 'at the moment'.

Just having 'only' a follow me and tweet this icon on the home page defeats the objective of encouraging people to get involved when they have passed your home page and driving them into the depths of your website is of course exactly what you want to achieve.

04 Regular Activity is important to Google

04 Regular Activity - Frequency impacts Google rankings

altBe active and set your activity level to be frequent, to work for you and manageable.. A survey in 2012 showed that over 80% of B2B social media channels reduced their activity down to 25% of where they started within 45 days. This went down to an activity level of less than 15% after 75 days.

This has the effect of down-ranking your search results because of a reduced change in activity levels.

When you start a social media channel start at a level that you can maintain within your workload, then Google will see this as your activity level.

05 Stay Current

05 Stay Current. Change as SEO updates

altAs you’re reading this the rules are changing....

Google and Bing update their search algorithms regularly to ensure that no-one is taking advantage of loopholes. They want their customers (i.e. anyone that searches on the web) to get real results so you need to stay up to date or your rankings will slide.

06 People Power

06 People Power: Cultivate a community

altCustomers that connect and share purchase experiences are 15 times more likely to buy, states Social Media Influence’s 2013 research.

Making your social media channels attractive to your virtual customer community supports your sales activity. Encouraging them to share their experiences really works for your website.

07 Get Sorted - 'the blatant plug!'

07 OK it's time for the ' Digital Media Agency Plug!'

altOK this is the time for the sales plug! As a digital media agency we have trained with leading digital firms including emarketers, SEO Certification Organization and Expert Rating. We’re also part of Google Engage for Agencies.

We have achieved significant results from social media and SEO campaigns for our clients. We can bring this real world experience and our expertise into practise to get results for you. Contact us if you want to make your online presence pay dividends.

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