Why Brexit is good for SEO

OK Brexit – let’s get the good and bad vibes out of the way, it’s here in the UK, it’s a done deal, so let’s move on and move upwards.

So Brexit is good for SEO – how come? Well, like anything in business it does boil down to money. A good SEO agency (which by the way I classify our own agency as) delivers good SEO results that show how its work has affected Google rankings and subsequently increased visitors. And of course it repeats itself month on month getting better and bolder, more creative and more dynamic with results growing and visitors continuing and increasing.

But of course it comes at a price – it’s business and any good service costs money to deliver good results. But now with the onset of Brexit, excellent SEO services suddenly become immensely more affordable to companies based outside of the UK buying from a UK SEO agency. A simple time lapse comparison says it all. The UK Brexit vote occurred on June 26th 2016 and then the UK £(GBP) stood at:

1 Eur€ bought you £GBP 0.736

1 CAN$ bought you £GBP 0.489

1 $AUD bought you £GBP 0.495

1 USD$ bought you £GBP 0.678

Today that’s all changed for the better if you are buying services from the UK your Euro or your Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar or US Dollar gets you much more SEO it’s like getting 25% discount for exactly the same service:

1 Eur€ buys you £GBP 0.92 up by 25%

1 CAN$ buys you £GBP 0.624 up by 27.61%

1 $AUD buys you £GBP 0.615 up by 24.24%

1 USD$ buys you £GBP 0.758 up by 11.8%

With buying power increased by 25% you should be investing in the UK for your SEO. In a global economy and an always on internet SEO is the same whether it’s being implemented for a UK, US, Canadian, Australian or European website – the SEO is the same the price is just so much cheaper for companies buying services from the UK.

Your Euro (€), US Dollar ($), Canadian Dollar (CAN$), Australian Dollar (AUS$) Stretch’s further, buys you more and gets your SEO working as you need it to at effectively 25%+ discount. So for UK SEO agencies Brexit is good for selling services and for companies based virtually anywhere in the world buying from the UK has never been better.

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