Do you know how to set up SEO?

October 11th, 2016 | Posted by Mark Robson in SEO | Top Tips - (0 Comments)
How to set up SEO

It might sound like a strange question when we’re the ones offering SEO services! But we exhibit at lots of business and networking seminars and in talking to visitors about SEO, when we ask that question we often hear the answer: “It’s all right, I know how to set up SEO – leave it with …
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That was the comment I was confronted with when I went to see a client recently. “See this? See this!” said my client. “There we are, our website is right up there at number 1, and it happened overnight after I paid my $99. How simple was that? And I have a cast-iron guarantee that it will stay …
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Great News! New Top Level Domains (TLDs) avalable to boost your marketing – but what happens to your SEO? Since the new extensive list of TLDs (gTLDs) were announced there has been rumour upon rumour that Google is marking down your SEO if you use a vanity TLD or in one blog post that I …
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