Can you delegate social media

I often attend events where the speaker says “of course you can’t delegate social media to someone else, you have to do it yourself.” There seems to be a belief that a third party can’t possibly know your every thought or opinion on what’s going on in the world, so how can they possibly post …
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Don't be an anonymous egg on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, it’s really important to fill in the Bio section. You can use up to 160 characters so make good use of them. Your bio should include words that will help people find you if they’re searching on Twitter for companies or people that provide the services and products you provide. For …
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how to get retweeted

If you’re on Twitter for business, one of the things you’ll want to happen is for other people to retweet your tweets. This means that people are interacting with your brand, like what you’re saying, and helps spread the word about your business to new audiences. It also helps with SEO as shared Tweets will …
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